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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Baby Groot's!

       I have had such a busy few weeks that I haven't had much crafting time.  One of the projects I have managed to have a go at and complete were these Baby Groot's from the film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

I made them for my son and daughter, who are both Marvel fans.  I managed to find a pattern from Twinkiechan on her blog.  It was really straight forward to follow.  First I crocheted the heads.

Then I added the twigs on top, eyes and a mouth.  Instantly you could see Baby Groot emerging.  Then, I moved onto crocheting the bodies....Which I did while sitting in the garden and catching some of the lovely weather we have had.

Finally I bought some small plant pots and wedged them in with some small pebble​s.  My kids love them and they are now on their desks in their bedrooms. 

Have a go...The pattern is really straight forward.

Bye for now

Von xx


  1. Yes I can imagine that the kids like these. Well done Von another little challenge completed. Fabulous. xx

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