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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Easter Chick Tutorial


    I have had such a busy week at work that I really needed to switch off this weekend so I set about focusing on a tutorial for my Easter Chick.  I have some of these made for sale on my Etsy shop too.

1. Chain 18, then join in to a circle with a slip stitch.

2. Chain 2, then double crochet around.

3. Chain 3, Triple crochet into the same stitch, *triple crochet into      the next stitch, then 2 triple crochet into the next stitch.      
     Repeat from  * around.  Slip stitch to chain 2.

4. Chain 3, then triple crochet around joining with a slip stitch to initial chain 2.

5. Chain 3, triple crochet decrease, 10 triple crochet, triple
    crochet decrease, 11 triple crochet, then slip stitch
    into top of chain 2.

6.  Flatten the piece and then slip stitch to join through 6 pairs of      stitches.

7.  Chain 2, double crochet around and slip stitch to join.

8.  Chain 2, double crochet all round and join initial chain 2 with       a slip stitch.

9.  Chain 2, 2 double crochet in the next stitch, 1 double crochet           in the next stitch, continue in this pattern around. Slip stitch         in initial chain 2.

10.  Chain 2,  double crochet all around, then slip stitch to join.

11 and 12.  Repeat row 9 twice.

13.  Chain 2, *2 double crochet, then decrease, continue round
       from * slip stitch to join in the initial chain 2.

14.  Chain 2, *double crochet, decrease. Continue from* round
        and slip stitch to join in the initial chain 2.

15. Chain 2, then decrease around joining with a slip stitch to
       initial chain 2.

16. Chain 2 then decrease around. Then fasten off. I sew the end in to
       close the hole at the top of the head.

To finish:-. Using some bright orange yarn I crochet a simple beak.
1. Chain 5, then double crochet across from 2nd chain from hook.
2. Slip stitch two ends to join.
3. Double crochet across opposite stitches twice keeping loops on
    hook, then pull thread through all loops. Fasten off.  Sew to

Then, using some black embroidery yarn I stitched two eyes.

Finally, add your chocolate egg and Ta Dah!

  Enjoy making and have a lovely Easter.

Bye for now

Von x

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