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Sunday, 5 February 2017



      I was lucky to receive the book "Super Socks" by Winwickmum over Christmas and the necessary tools to begin knitting socks.

I have tried different crochet patterns to make socks with not much success so I decided I needed to set myself the challenge of knitting instead.  I had researched on the internet and came across "Winwickmum" and her sock adventures on her blog and decided that was the way to go!  This resulted in a list for my hubby as a guide for xmas presents!

     Since Christmas, after a couple of false starts, I have managed to make gradual progress with this and I am well on my well to finishing my first sock!   Have a look at the photos below to see my progress...

I had got in a muddle with this starting point with the rib and had not realised I need to join so early but started again and soon had it sorted!

The book has been a great help and I am almost on to the toes now!  I am so pleased with the result so far!  I will post again soon to show off my first finished sock!

Bye for now

Von x

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  1. Well done Von, you will be like Nan C she always kitted socks. Not quite as pretty as this one. Keep going. xx