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Friday, 10 February 2017

Little Chick


       With Easter approaching I started to think about gifts for Easter.  I have previously seen knitted chicks in which you can place a small chocolate egg so I started to look at crochet patterns.    After looking around I just could not find one which I really liked so I set myself the challenge of creating my own pattern.

   I began with a ring that was large enough to put a small chocolate egg through.

  Then, I continued to triple crochet around to create the body and then joined this leaving a small gap to crochet around to create the head.

   Finally I added an orange beak and used some black embroidery thread to create the eyes.  Then I popped an egg inside to hold his body in position,

    I am quite pleased with this but just need to work on the pattern so I can put a tutorial on soon.

Bye for now

Von x

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