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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Bauble Magic!

Well, it is most definitely that busy time of the year and working in a school you can imagine it is particularly busy!  These last few weeks I have managed to get all the Christmas present shopping done and cards written.  The house is duly decorated too and looks fab too!

My Christmas wreathes that I have made in previous years are up and my lovely Christmas carousel is out.

 I love these, there is a lovely stall at the Hobby craft Show at the NEC in Birmingham that sells these every year.  I would really love another.

I have been fascinated this year by the making of crochet baubles and have loved looking at these on people's blogs and Instagram feeds.  Well, I couldn't resist and had to have a go.  I found a fab tutorial on Kaleidoscopecity and had a try.  My first attempts were not hugely successful and I quickly realised I should have read the tutorial properly and used cottons not a standard DK!  Note to self:- fully read instructions!

Anyway I had another go but still found that my bauble wasn't quite right and looked a bit like a barrel!

 After a quick chat with Kaleidoscopecity and following her advice I managed to tighten my tension and cracked it!

I tried a few colour combinations - silver and blues and red, green and gold.  See the results below:-

I then had a try using a Granny Circle approach which created a slightly different bauble in the silver and blues.

I have some of these on my Etsy shop.   Well, back to wrapping some presents....

Bye for now

Von xxx

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  1. Baubles are lovely Von. Well done for being determined to get them right. xx