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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Crochet Hats - Twit Twooooo!!


    During our recent holiday I decided to take a smaller project with me for crochet time in the evenings in our caravan.  I love the cosy feel tucked up in the caravan on the evenings and while the others are watching TV I am more than happy to crochet away.

   The project I took with me this time was inspired by the super crafter Sarah on her blog Repeatcrafterme .  I love love the owl hat pattern she has created and decided to make some of these for my Etsy shop as Sarah is happy for others to create and sell as long as she is noted as the creator(which is quite right - in my opinion).

   I made a small selection of hats using the classic pink and blue as the coordinating colours.  This is a great pattern to follow and I enjoyed the variety within it to make the different elements for the owls.

And here are the finished hats...

 Really pleased with these and I have made a small number of sizes so far.  Take a look on my Etsy site.

Bye for now

Von xxx

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