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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Christmas Crochet Stocking


   I try every year to be super organised for Christmas, especially working in a school, as it becomes such a manic time.  Although I must confess I do love it!  Out shopping I noticed that the stores were already beginning to add their Christmas stock on to the displays so I set about thinking of Christmas. I have really wanted to have a try at crocheting some Christmas stockings and I managed to find this super pattern on Red Heart.


I had come across this fabulous glittery wool and ended up buying quite a stash thinking that it would be for Christmas projects.  So I set about using the Red Heart pattern to create my own stocking.  The first part of the pattern creates the leg of the stocking and I found this quite quick to make up and I think it looks great with the glitter effect( a bit tricky to show in my photos).

I used a lovely dark green to contrast which is a Stylecraft Special DK to create the heel and toe  of the stocking.  I really love the contrast and the two colours really have that Christmassy feel.

I then used a white DK that I had in my stash to crochet the cuff to finish off the stocking.

I think it looks great, especially hung above the fire place - mind it will definitely be moved when that is turned on!!

I have made some more of these and added these on to my Etsy shop.

Bye for now

Von xx

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