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Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Visit to TOFT


    We decided to take a visit to the TOFT Alpaca Shop in Dunchurch this week.  I was really excited to see the Alpacas and have a lovely peruse around the shop.  When we arrived we opted for a short walk to take a look at some of the Alpacas in the grounds.  It was a lovely day so we enjoyed the gentle stroll through the TOFT grounds and down to Draycote Water Reservoir.  There were plenty of young Alpacas in the fields and we stood for a while watching them eat and play.

We had a short walk around the edge of Draycote Water which looked wonderful in the sunshine.  It is definitely worth a walk around or you could even cycle round too.

 We had a great time exploring inside the shop and my daughter, Heather, fell in love with one of the hats on display so ended up buying the wool and an Alpaca pom pom.  This was a knitting pattern and as I am not as skilled in knitting Heather has asked her Nan for a bit of help with this.  I bought the popular crochet book "Edwards Menagerie" which I love and because I bought it direct from the shop I received an additional ten patterns.  I must say that the staff at TOFT are fantastic and can not do enough to help.  We had some lovely chats with the staff whilst we were there.  There is a cafe on site too so we sat outside in the sunshine with a drink before the journey home.

I would highly recommend a visit but make sure you have some pocket money as you will definitely want to spend in the shop.  I am currently having a little go at creating one of the animals from the book and have made a start on 'Rufus the Lion'.  

I soon made all the body parts and sewed him together. Not sure I quite got the head right but he has become a real hit in our house.

What do you think? I love him.  My daughter has insisted I have a go at the sloth next.

Bye for now

Von x

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  1. Your lion is very cute. Glad you enjoyed trip to see the alpacas. Waiting to see the hat I have got to knit. xx