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Monday, 29 August 2016

A Bank Holiday Walk


   I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend those of you in the UK.  We didn't go away but I have had a super weekend at home.  I went on a girly shop with some of the ladies in my family on Saturday and then had a quiet day around the house yesterday.

   Today we decided to take the dogs for a walk around one of our local parks that we visit Pooley Country Park.  It has a lovely woodland walk and you can stroll along the canal too.  So we did a circular walk heading towards the woods,


then past the lake,

until we came to the canal.

    It was just what we needed on a such a gorgeous afternoon and once home it was a good cuppa in the garden and out came the crochet.  

    My daughter loves Sloths and from our recent visit to Toft she had eyed up the Sloth pattern that I had got as an added extra from buying my Edwards Menagerie book direct from the shop.  So I was 'strongly encouraged' to make Harriet the Sloth for her.

    She absolutely loves him but has decided it is not a 'Harriet' and has called 'him' Keith instead.
Sorry Toft!  My son has now jumped on the bandwagon and has requested the Elephant so I think that will be my next project.

Bye for now

Von x

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  1. Looks as if you had a good walk. Enjoyed our shopping trip. Not too sure about the Sloth but just what Heather would like. Well done Von. xx