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Thursday, 2 June 2016



    We have been away most of this week in our caravan.  It was a much needed rest for us and nice to enjoy some peace.  We were staying at the caravan club site in Pandy, Wales which is a small but very friendly and peaceful site.

   Bank holiday Monday we set off on a bit of a car journey to the four falls walk in the  Forestry Commission Wales woodland.   It was a bit of a queue to park so obviously everyone had had the same idea as us on such a lovely day. This was not an easy walk by any means and definitely tested my fitness but I am proud to say I managed it! And my goodness it was worth it! It was a large circuit and we did not manage it all but we did complete the red pathway as you can see on the map.

  Some parts of the walk were very steep and quite rocky.

   However, I must say it was definitely worth it! We set off towards the first waterfall Shed Clun-Gwyn and you could hear this well before you arrived in view of it.   It was magnificent and we sat looking at this for sometime.

We continued on from here but decided against the green route to two other waterfalls and opted to continue on the circuit route.  It was a gorgeous walk with beautiful woodland, bluebells and small streams along the way.

    We then came across the next waterfall Sgwd yr Eira.  To get to this we had to climb down  a number of steps which were quite deep for my little legs.  It was, again, stunning once we got down to the waterfall and river. We sat and rested enjoying the view. some brave people were going under the waterfall but I'm afraid I wasn't up to that!

     We continued to trek around back to the car and I must say I was glad to sit down once we got there!  There are a number of waterfall walks in the Brecon Beacons and we have previously followed one of these when we have visited before.  I would definitely recommend it as the waterfalls are well worth it!

Bye for now

Von  xxx

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  1. Keeping fit on your hols then Von. I love the sound of waterfalls and these seem as if they were worth the effort. Glad you had a good time.xx