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Friday, 24 June 2016

Almost done!


I have been so busy lately and just don't know where the days have gone!  I have managed in between everything going on to make some good progress with my blankets that I am making at the moment.  I have decided I must finish off some of these projects I have started before I start anything new.

Any how,  do you recall my bobble blanket that I have been working upon?  Well, I have bobbled many happy an hour away using Cygnet Yarns Aran in Denim.  This has been a real yarn eater but I am really pleased with the outcome so far.

Look at all the those beautiful bobbles....

The main part of the blanket is complete now so I just need to work on the border next.  I am planning on a charcoal colour for the edging, once I have ordered my wool!

The other blanket that I had been working on is smaller and I have used a simple repetitive stitch on this one.  The wool is another Cygnet variety - The Fairy Isle range in Cornflower.

The wool is so soft and it has given the blanket a really lovely feel to it.

So I have finally finished the main part of this one too and am planning to work on it's border next too.  I am opting for a white wool for this one.

As soon as I have re-ordered my wool and made a start on the borders for these I will let you know.

Bye For Now

Von xxx

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  1. Gosh you are busy. The blankets look great though Well done. xxx