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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cornflower Love


    I have recently discovered a whole new world of crochet on Instagram and have taken to following a couple of inspirational crocheters in particular.  I have become a huge fan of Faye of  Little Dove Crochet and Laurelin of Mrs. Snufflebean. If you have not already seen their work you must take a look.

   As you know I have been busy making my bobblilicious blanket, which is really growing now, with Cygnet yarn.  

  As I was sharing this on Instagram I came across @mrsnufflebeanyarns and her lovely stock of Cygnet yarns.  It was her latest collection of Fairy Isle wool by Cygnet that really caught my eye and I bought a pack of Cornflower from her(which was delivered very quickly and well packaged).

     I set about starting a new blanket straight away.  I am using a simple stitch for this consisting of a double crochet and then two trebles(uk).  I have used this stitch before with a chunkier wool to create a blanket for my Mum but the difference with this wool is lovely.  The Fairy Isle wool is creating a daintier pattern and I love the colours as they change.

I really really love this wool and I must say it feels really soft and squidgy.  The blanket is developing very quickly and I am pleased with my progress so far.  As you can see it is coming along lovely.  

    I am starting to think of a border now but can't decide between a white or a grey....  I will ponder some more and let you know.

Bye for Now

Von xxx


  1. Looks beautiful Von. Colour changes are great . xx

  2. It's a really nice wool to work with. X