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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Storage Solutions!


Now, I am a real hoarder and I save all sorts of bits and pieces saying 'you never know when I might use it!'  Well, I came to the conclusion I must do something about all the chocolate and sweet tins I had saved over the last few Christmas celebrations.  These are great for storing all my odds and ends in but I decided I wanted to make them look a bit more attractive.

I bought some primer spray from my local Wilkinsons store and a metallic finishing spray.

I covered the box with the primer initially.  This was an outdoor job so I was dodging showers!  I gradually built up the primer layers and then added the metallic spray on top.

The finished results were pretty good.  I created some simple labels and attached these as a finishing touch.

I can go and sort all my stash now!  Bye for now.

Von xx

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha cheap storage and of course it was a terrible chore having to eat all those sweets and chocs. Well done. xx