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Friday, 19 February 2016

Cold Days but a little sunshine now


     I have had a busy week catching up with paper work for work but have managed a little bit of time to myself in between.  My husband and I took the opportunity on Tuesday this week to have a stroll along our local canal.  It was a very chilly day but it was great to see the sunshine and feeling the light on my face definitely gave me a lift.


You could see how cold it was as the ice was still evident on the top of the canal.  We could hear it cracking as we walked past.

As you walk just off the main road there is a lovely cottage opposite the lock on the canal, which must have been a lock keeper's home in the past.  I always think how pretty this looks as we walk past and we often watch the narrow boats as they manoeuvre through the lock.

The sky was a really clear and bright blue and I couldn't resist taking photos of the bare trees against this as we walked past. 

There were just the odd daffodil flowering and we could spot some buds starting to appear on the trees as we walked past so not long till Spring now.  I can't wait because that means time to get our tourer caravan ready for another season of caravanning.  We have already started booking holidays so that gives us another thing to look forward to.
I have managed to carry on with the baby neapolitan ripple blanket that I started but need to try to devote some time to this so I have it ready for the imminent birth my friend's baby girl. As you can see it is growing...  

Hopefully this weekend I will get a bit of free crafting time. 

Bye for now

Von xxx

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  1. Blanket is looking good. Glad you enjoyed your walk along the canal. I love the crisp sunny days. xx