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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Little Heart


    Where has January gone?  I can't believe it is February tomorrow already.  The upside of this time of the year is the arrival of my favourite flower in the shops. Daffodils.  My lovely hubby bought me a couple of bunches last week and they have finally opened in all their gloriousness!

    It's lovely to walk into the room and see the bright yellow and it instantly cheers me up during this dark winter dirge.

    In amongst my blanket making I have been playing around with my scraps of wool to create crochet hearts.  I used the Ravelry pattern and crocheted two hearts.  I then used some of my fabric stash to cut and sew a small heart which I filled with stuffing.  After that I sewed the two crochet hearts together over the stuffed heart.

I used some mono filament and attached this to the top of the heart and then threaded some beads on. I tied this to a key ring fob with a lobster clip and added a small ribbon bow to finish off.

So I ended up with a lovely key ring/bag charm ready for Valentine celebrations this February.  I have a couple of these available on our Etsy shop for sale.

Bye For now

Von xx

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  1. Very pretty Von. Good way to use up your scraps. xx