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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Kindle Cover

It was my mums birthday at the weekend, so I decided to make her the kindle case that I promised her I would make this time last year!!    I thought it would be nice to wrap up along with her other pressies as a surprise, but  a week before her birthday when the kindle case was near completion she announced that she had plans to make a kindle case for herself.... typical eh   ... I did suggest that maybe this was not a project she needed to rush to get started with which made us both  giggle, so a surprise it was not but  it was completed in time and wrapped!!  LOL
 Whilst making a kindle case for mum I decided to make another one for me - well it would be a shame not to !!    Here is a couple of photos to show you what the finished cases looked like.  Hope you like it...

I really enjoyed making these cases... it seems as though it has been ages since I have had the chance to sit down, sew and create.    It has given me the incentive to get a few more of my projects completed ..the next one I think will be to make a lampshade from a lampshade kit that has been sitting gathering dust for 12 months.



  1. The Kindle case is brilliant, I love it. You made a really good job of it and is a very trendy pattern. Well done Julie. xx

  2. What a super kindle cover! I think it looks really fab! The material is lovely and your stitching is very good too. A super finish to your project. Well done! Von xx