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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn Colours


What a super half term holiday!  The colours have been absolutely glorious around our home.  When walking our dogs we have been fully taking advantage of them.  There are a line of trees that line the canal and pathway from our estate.  I love watching these trees as they change throughout the year but I think Autumn has to be the best, don't you agree?

The fallen leaves are scattered all over the pathway and have totally covered the grass areas.  Our dogs love walking through these.  Happy days!

Just at the back of our estate are some lakes and these are another popular daily visit when walking the dogs.  There are lots of geese and ducks and other water birds around here.  We regularly see people feeding them.  The birds are always very keen to say 'hello' as you walk past even with the dogs!

I have got a few crochet projects on the 'go' at the moment but have had to put these aside for the time being after a request from my daughter.  She had found this pattern on Ravelry so I bought it and bought some 4ply grey Women's Institute wool to begin.

I have made a good start but have hit the cabling section and I am definitely struggling with this.

I have created the holes to weave the cable into but I have been struggling with the next step.  A definite puzzle for me to solve!  A few attempts in front of TV tonight ....
I will let you know how I get on!

Bye for now

Von xx


  1. I love Autumn as well Von. The colours this year are especially wonderful. Glad you are enjoying your half term walks. xx

  2. hope you have solved the puzzle. You will have to post back and let us see the finished result. They look good so far