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Monday, 21 September 2015

Birthday celebrations

Children are back to school and the first few weeks have been hectic trying to get back into the weekly routine but we are getting there.

It was Yvonne's birthday on Sunday and my little brother also turned 30 last week so we all got together to celebrate.  Our mum and dad treated us all to a lovely meal out at Christopher's restaurant in Tamworth.   Would highly recommend a visit, lovely food and a great company made for a fantastic evening.

I made a cake to celebrate.   I managed to get the icing smoother on this attempt so I was feeling very pleased with myself because this is something that I always struggle with.   Here is a photo of the finished result ( I didn't set this photo up very well so excuse the cooker that is also featured!!!)......

It will soon be time to be thinking of other birthdays on the run up to Christmas and then of course there is the traditional Christmas cake to decorate so there will be plenty more opportunities for me to practice with the icing

See you soon




  1. Cake looked fantastic Julie, you made a wonderful job of it. xx

  2. It was a fab cake! I loved the decorations! Tasted great too! Thanks Julie it was a lovely surprise from my little sister. Von xx