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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In The Garden


I thought I would share how well our back garden has been doing this year.   We have gradually been adding more and more fruit and vegetables to the garden and we really have a good bounty of fruit this year.

We love rhubarb and wanted to grow it but were very aware that this can be a problem with dogs.  So after some thought my husband set about making a small contained area in which the dogs were kept away and we could safely grow the rhubarb.  I must say, we have had no problem doing this and the rhubarb has flourished, as you can see.

We have a few raspberry bushes along the edge of the garden and these have really shot up this year.  We have already had some raspberries off them and are picking a good handful each day.  There are still an abundant amount of them to ripen so plenty of raspberries for tea!

The blackberries are doing just as well and we have managed to pick a few already!  We have done well with this bush for a few years now and after cutting it right back this year has been another good one.  There are loads of berries ready to ripen and we will soon have a good bounty of these too!

This year we have had a try at growing some butternut squashes from seed.  They have took well and grown into good plants and some squashes are beginning to develop.  We will need to wait a bit longer to see how these grow.

On the other side of the garden we have grown some sweet peas this year.  My Grandad always used to grow these for my Nan and I always remember her having some of these in a vase in the house during the summer.  So this year, we have carried on the tradition and have been enjoying growing Sweet Peas.  We will definitely grow these again next year.

We have been thinking about spring flowers and I am on the look out for bulbs ready to plant out for next year.  How have you been getting on in your gardens?

Bye for now

Von x


  1. Aah I always like to try and grow sweet peas each year because they too remind me of nan and granddad. Sad to say mine failed this year but I haven't given them much tender loving care. The summer holidays are flying by and as always lots of fun and laughter but not much time for gardening or crafting. your garden looks fab. you cant beat home grown fruit and veg xxx

  2. We have a few sweet peas as well. You have done very well with all your produce. Hoping for an abundance of blackberries will bring my bowl. Ha ha xx