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Monday, 24 August 2015

Heather's Blanket Finished!


Yay! I have finally finished Heather's blanket!  Last week I really blasted away on the border and edging.  I do enjoy the borders - that long way round the whole of the blanket.
I used Zooty Owl's border and edging that I have used on a previous blanket because Heather really liked this and wanted to keep the bright colour combination of her blanket.   Here are some photos of my progress with the border and edging.

I have enjoyed the bright colours and using the different granny squares to create this blanket and it has been a real labour of love.  Heather is over the moon with it and is already cuddling up underneath it on these Summer evenings.

The bright colours really glow in the sun and I found this the best place to try to photograph for the blog.  So here is the finished blanket...

My favourite granny squares in this project were the puffy flowers and I must confess I do keep looking at these and thinking how beautiful they are.

Very tempted to use these in a future blanket.   The only aspect of this blanket that I have continued to feel a bit unhappy with are the four large central squares.  I just don't feel they sit right in the overall design.  After chatting with Heather we both agreed the next blanket she has will consist of just smaller squares.   However, she does love her new blanket and it has become a permanent fixture on the settee.

Loving making blankets and definitely got the bug!

Bye for now

Von xx


  1. Beautiful. Need a blanket some of these evenings they are a bit chilly. Well done, a lovely colourful project. xx

  2. gorgeous blanket Von. looks very nice and cosy. Lovely when you get a project finished and can then put it to good use