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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Worcester Cathedral and Blanket Progress


    I can't believe how busy I have been since I came back from our short caravan holiday the other week.  While we were staying in Broadway we visited the city of Worcester and it's beautiful Cathedral.  As we walked up to the building we were struck by the stunning exterior....

We spent quite a length of time wandering around the inside of the Cathedral.  We always visit the Cathedrals of the cities we visit.  There is just a lovely serene feel about them.  I personally love the stained glass windows and I was not disappointed by Worcester's in any way.

I love the bright, vivid colours...

...and the shapes of the windows.  I always stand marvelling at the workmanship.  Amazing!
The other aspect of Cathedrals that draws me in, is the tradition and history behind them.  I am fascinated by the tombstones of significant people linked with the Cathedral or city.  I find it interesting seeing the differences according to the period of history.  These are just a few of those in Worcester Cathedral.

This tombstone stood out for me with beautiful brasses inlaid on top. 

 If you are visiting Worcester the Cathedral is well worth a walk around.  While I was away I managed to carry on with the blanket that I am making for my daughter.  I continued making the next round of squares.  This time I chose the Octagon Tile from my favourite book "100 Bright & Colourful Granny Squares".

I managed to make 28 of these and then crocheted these on to the main blanket.  It is looking very bright and colourful now!  My daughter loves it!  It is her design and what she wanted so I think that helps!
So on to the next round ......
I will let you know how I get on.
Bye for now
Von x


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  1. Looking very bright and colourful. Glad your hard work is appreciated. Worcester Cathedral certainly looks a wonderful place to visit. xx