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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just a blanket....


I thought I would tell you about another blanket that I am crocheting.  I decided I wanted to create just a simple blanket but did not want it to be too plain.  Looking at crochet stitches I came across the daisy stitch and have incorporated this within my blanket.  It looks great if I do say so myself!  I have used a tweed effect wool and it has created a lovely effect.

It is quite a straight forward stitch and you hook through the centre of the stitch and bring a loop up so you have two loops on the hook.

Then you slip the hook through the last loop from the previous stitch bringing another loop up so that there are three stitches on the hook.

Next you hook through the second stitch along on the previous row and bring another loop up so there are now four stitches on the hook.

After that you hook into the next stitch to bring the fifth loop up onto the hook.

Finally you draw the thread through the five loops and chain one to complete the stitch.  Then all I have done is to repeat this process across.

It has created a lovely effect especially with the tweed effect wool.  I will upload some more photos when I have made further progress.
Bye For Now
Von x

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  1. Very clever and very effective. I like the tweed wool xx