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Sunday, 17 May 2015

St Giles Hospice


We went for a quick visit to our local hospice this week.  St Giles Hospice is based in Whittington near our home town and is extremely supportive to local families that are suffering with a family member through terminal illnesses.

We, unfortunately, lost my Mother in Law to Breast Cancer in 1994 and found the Hospice a great support during this time.  We regularly donate to the hospice through their lottery.  From this they emailed us with their recent campaign to plant a sunflower memorial for previous patients.  We took this opportunity and went to visit the memorial garden they had created for this month.

It was a little overwhelming to see the number of flower plaques in the garden but a really lovely gesture by the hospice.  We managed to find my Mother in Laws flower and all commented on how much she would have liked this idea. It was a lovely way to remember her and we will be able to collect the plaque to bring home in June.

We already have decided to place this in an area of the garden as a permanent memorial to her.  

Thank you St Giles Hospice.

Bye For Now

Von x


  1. Nice idea, lovely that you will have a permanent memorial. Memories are so precious xx

  2. It is a lovely idea. nice way to remember loved ones and cherish all the special memories of the good times spent together