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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hoppy Easter

I  love the bank holiday weekends.  its always nice to have a little extra time to spend with the family and relax in the evenings.  We had a lovely Easter Sunday with a visit to Ironbridge.   The children loved the enginuity museum there.  Definitely a nice place to go for a family day out.  As well as keeping the children entertained there was plenty of history to  keep us adults busy too.  
I fancied having a go at doing some embroidery again and it is a fantastic way to ensure that I can sit the whole way through some of the movies that my husband has accumulated from his birthday.    There is always lots of shooting or action packed adventures in these "men movies" that don’t quite make my top choice of films to watch but never the less must be watched!!    Anyway as it is Easter I based this design on an Easter theme. I created my own design for the embroidery design and then decorated the hoop with some wire and beading in nice bright colours. I have posted a picture below....


  1. That looks great! Loved the lettering and the bead decoration around the hoop is fab! Xx

  2. You have been busy. Love the colours in your embroidery. Glad you enjoyed trip to Ironbridge. xx