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Friday, 10 April 2015

A New Challenge!


Walking through our town, Tamworth, this week I was struck by the bright splash of colour as I turned the corner into the Castle Pleasure Grounds.  There was a riot of bright coloured winter pansies that made me feel much brighter and cheerful inside after the dullness of winter.

I have been busy planning my next project which is a blanket for my daughter.  The criteria for this blanket is colour and lots of it!!  So here is my selection of colourful wool that I have collected ready for this project.

I am going to begin with making 4 of these squares from my favourite crochet book "

I have already started with the centre circles using a nice bright red.

I will post again once I have completed a square to show you.  Looking forward to this riot of colour after the black and white of my last blanket.

Bye for Now

Von x


  1. Will be a very colourful blanket. Should be nice and cosy as well. xx

    1. I have started joining it as I go and Heather keeps pinching it already! So definitely a hit with her. ;). Xx