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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Blanket a Long...Ta Dah! Finished at last!


I am feeling rather proud of myself and very satisfied in finally completing my blanket that I have been crocheting.  This was a challenge I set myself to follow Zooty Owl's Blanket Along way back in July and I have steadily followed this since then, squeezing in crocheting time during my evenings in front of the TV and holidays.

I steadily completed each step making the different squares and building little towers of these on my desk. 

This is the finished result and I must say it is a big blanket which will definitely keep me warm through the up coming winter evenings.

It was tricky trying to take a photo because Fudge, the dog, decided she wanted to be in on the action!

Here are some close ups of the blanket.  They definitely show all the hard work that has gone in to it.

I have managed to get the border completed during this holiday.  I must say, I do like this border that Zelna created and I will definitely use it again.  My husband and daughter have already put their orders in for blankets.  Heather has told me that she definitely wants this style border on her blanket so I will most certainly be using this in the near future.

So there we are a very big project finally completed.  I think I will have a little pause before I start my next blanket which will give me time to plan what I will do.......

Bye For now

Von x


  1. The blanket looks amazing! love the different patterns used and I especially like the twisted border, it looks really effective.
    Heather :)

  2. Well done. Worth the effort. Fudge looks as if she approves as well. I would definitely have a break and do something different before starting your next one. xx

  3. well done. Always nice to get a project finished. you can definitely see the hard work that has gone into completing this one.