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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A visit to Winter Wonderland, London

During the Christmas break we went on the  train for a  day trip to visit the Winter Wonderland in London.   This is a lovely winter wonderland that is available to visit in December / beginning of January each year.    We had heard some great reviews and we were all very excited about the trip and we were definitely not left disappointed.  This is a place that is definitely worth a visit.
We visited the Magical Kingdom first of all which had several fantastic models that had been carefully and lovingly created from ice.  We also visited the circus show,  went on the big wheel, had a look around the large number of lovely stalls  as well as enjoying the various fairground rides.   Here are a few pictures that we took whilst we were in the magical kingdom ...

We are looking forward to planning some day trips and holidays for 2015.   We love having quality family time together.


  1. That certainly looks worth a visit. Magical, seems the right name. xx

  2. That looks a fab place to visit. We have booked to stay just outside London in the summer so looking forward to having a wander round some of the key sites then.