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Sunday, 18 January 2015

A new Blanket :)


After finishing my previous blanket with the blanket-a-long I am most definitely hooked on making blankets.  I have had a bit of a break from crocheting but I am back on track again now.  We have definitely been having a very cold snap here recently and our weekly walk in to our town, Tamworth,  has been a chilly one! 

This week was a lovely walk seeing all the ducks, geese, and even herons, along the River Anker as we walked but, on my, was it cold!

My husband asked me to create him a blanket for the cold evenings so I have set this as my next project.

I hit my book "100 Bright & Colourful Granny Squares" to get some ideas and have opted for the Granny Square 'Lavender Haze' on page 83.  I have opted to keep this blanket very neutral with it being for my husband.  I am not sure he would like anything too colourful or flowery!

I am going to use a simple black and white contrast for the blanket and have already began to make some of the squares.

So, now I just need to make a nice pile of these which will definitely be a lovely way to pass my time during these cold evenings in front of the TV.
Bye for now
Von xxx


  1. Thought for a moment there he was going to get a lavender coloured blanket, bet he was relieved. I like monochrome, reckon this one will look smart. Think I might have a go at a granny square blanket, I like to crochet. xx

  2. Anthony may have liked the lavender!!! LOL. I thought he was going for the lavender look too for a moment. Made it all the more interesting. xxx really like the black and white. These blankets look sooo comfy. Will look lovely with the new sofa as well!! love the photos. We love going on bike rides into the town along the same route. very relaxing xxxx