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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Remembrance - Close to Home

Hi all,

I thought it was only fitting this week to have a focus on Remembrance Day.   With the 100 year commemorations this year of the start of World War 1 it has really brought home the links to our own family.  I am sure many of you have some relative that you can trace that served within the First World War.

Our family has two significant members who unfortunately did not return from their duty and they are often in our thoughts during these moments of remembrance.  Thomas Bishop, who is my Dad's Uncle was lost just before the end of the war and although we have no photo of him we do have the medal that was given on his death and the letter from King George.

Our other lost family member was Albert Coopey, who was my Grandad's Uncle, whom he was named after.  My Grandad often thought about his Uncle particularly when he himself had to serve during WWII.  My Grandad told me how he strongly hoped throughout the second world war that he would not follow the same fate as his Uncle and lucky for him, and us, he did indeed return safe and sound.
It was with these brave men in mind that when I spotted the latest patterns in the Simply Crochet Magazine I decided to have a go at making my own crochet poppies.  The first I attempted was the larger poppy as shown below.  I have been wearing this on my own coat.

Then my daughter said she wouldn't mind a poppy either and would much prefer a home made one so I had a go at the other pattern in the Simply Crochet magazine.  I added some black beads to this poppy too as my daughter thought they added a little extra to the overall finish and I must agree with her.

I have ended up making another of these too for my Mum so they have been a very popular make.  Of course, we have donated to the British Legion and totally support this wonderful charity.
Bye for now
Von x

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  1. Lovely thoughts Von. Always brings a tear to my eye when I think of these brave men and so many others too. I have worn my poppy and donated too. Thankyou. xx