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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Little Christmas Tree


Oooh, we are now well on our way to the run up to Christmas.  We love Christmas in our family and this weekend we put up our Christmas Tree. Our tree is a black one and we dress it with silver baubles.  Which, I think, do look pretty good - if I do say so myself!


I do love this time of the year and seeing all the Christmas trees and lights in everyone's homes as I pass by on the way home from work.  We bought some new additions for under our tree this year from our local Garden Centre.  These lit presents caught our eye as we wandered through all the fabulous decorations and ended up coming home with us.
I do think they look pretty good under the tree.  Just need something for the other side now....

This gave me an idea!  I had recently bought this great Christmas fabric and here was my inspiration to use it!  So I set about making a simple pattern with the trusty greaseproof paper.
A little bit of careful sewing and filling and here is my finished result....
I added some jingle bells to the end of each branch and found these great little glittery star decorations that I then added to the top of the tree.  I have placed the sewn tree on this pot for now but think I will add a bit of Christmas glitz and glamour to brighten it up a bit more.
Bye for now
Von x


  1. Love your tree Von. Had me fooled there to begin with I thought you had wrapped those presents. I thought we were all going to get real posh pressies this year. xx

  2. Aah I love Christmas... so much fun. The tree looks good and love the parcels. I have often looked at those and thought they were pretty but then I see Joss and think nah! I am sure that his curiosity would get the better of him and he would feel the need to dismantle the parcel to see how it works inside!! Hope fudge doesn't try and unravel them!! xxxx

  3. Fudge has been pretty good! She just keeps nudging them which annoys ant because he keeps moving them back!