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Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Visit to Birmingham


I thought I would share with you a recent visit into Birmingham which is very close to the town where we live.  We always go by train which is only a 15 - 20 minute journey.  We had visited for a quick shopping spree and a visit to the new Library which was well worth going to see.

Birmingham, Council House where the council is based.

The Library

The Shakespeare Room at the top of the Library.

                                          Views of the City from the top of the Library.

The Library is definitely a huge success for the city and was very busy on the day we visited with a lot of visitors enjoying the views and looking at the Shakespeare Room.  We did visit the New Bullring which is a great shopping centre and would be great for a Christmas shopping spree.  The German market will soon be in the City too which is always well worth a visit.

I am continuing to make progress with the blanket a long that I have been following from Zooty Owl.  Here is a photo of my four Zooty Mandala squares which are all complete now and I have made a good start on the final four squares so hopefully the big reveal of the finished blanket will be soon.

Bye for now

Von x


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your trip. Hoping to get in to visit the German market. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. xx

  2. not been to Birmingham for ages. must visit soon. love the blanket - coming together nicely