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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Spotty Nail Design

This is a design I came up with when doing my nails the other day:

I started by painting a layer of the colour duck egg blue and I used the number 7 brand as shown below.

I then used my Nails Supreme pens to add a spotty effect to the nails after the base coat was dry. I added a small blob of each colour on my nails, using different colours to make the spotty effect multi-coloured.

To finish, I then added a clear coat to give a more shiny effect after the nails were dry. This also helps to add some strength to the nails, making the design last longer. 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, bye for now, 
Heather :) 


  1. Love your nail design. I really like the blue colour. Thanks.

  2. So pretty, I love to see these shades on other people but not right for me. You must have been very patient to do this but worth it. Hope they do not chip too quick. xx

  3. I love the blue colour. I am going to get some!!!