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Friday, 15 August 2014

Crochet Socks


I was bought this lovely little booklet last Christmas for creating my own crochet socks called "Learn to Crochet Socks the Toe-Way Up!" 

I bought some more of the Women's Institute wool from Hobbycraft. You will need 2 balls for this pattern.

I opted for the sock pattern "River Moss" on page 6 of the book and decided to give it a go.  It took me a bit of a working out because I had a first try and found the 'small' size were still huge for my feet so I had to adapt the pattern somewhat.  It was quite straight forward but you need to keep an even tension as I did find that one sock was slightly larger than the other from not maintaining the appropriate tension. 

The finished result was pretty good and the socks are very warm.  I'm thinking now that I have got the gist of how to go about it I could definitely develop my own style sock design and I would like to have a go with some chunkier and more colourful designs.  Have you had any successes with crocheting socks?  Can anyone recommend a particularly good pattern?

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Von x


  1. These look very warm and toasty. Ideal for the cold winter evenings.
    I have done knitted socks but not crochet. xx

  2. they look lovely. Would they go with my new killer heels I wonder?!!!
    perhaps not, but cosy at night with my PJs. well done