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Monday, 25 August 2014

A Summer Wreath Part 1


What a fabulous summer I have had this year!  We have had no end of visits here and there and I still have many of these to share with you.  I had mentioned our visit to Yorkshire earlier this month and one of the highlights of this was a day spent at the magnificent Castle Howard.

The gardens were amazing and we spent a long time wandering through these in particular the Walled Garden which was originally laid out as a Kitchen Garden in the 18th Century.  Today it is part Rose Garden and part Fruit and Vegetable garden. 

My husband was particularly keen to see the fruit and vegetables that were growing as he is a keen fruit and vegetable gardener himself.  My daughter and myself spent a long time exploring the many flowers within the garden and we kept ourselves busy photographing these.

These have most certainly been my inspiration for my Summer Wreath creation.  I am going to create my wreath by attaching it to a wire frame.  I have made a start by creating a base for the wreath in the form of leaves.  I began by creating a paper leaf template then pinning and cutting out leaves from a lovely spotty fabric I had found.  You will need enough as a base for the wreath.  I made 12 but you may need to judge yourself according to the size you would like your wreath to be.

I then cut corresponding leaves from green felt fabric.

I pinned a spotty fabric leaf to a felt leaf and then used blanket stitch to join them.

Following this I left a small gap to stuff them and continued using blanket stitch to join the gap.
I have put these to one side for now and the next job is to look at making some flowers to add to the wreath.  I love the pink rose in the photo above so may look at creating a crochet rose next.
Bye For Now
Von x


  1. Thus sounds like a nice idea. Will enjoy seeing your flowers and the finished wreath xx

  2. Aah I love the flowers that you have posted on the blog before so I am sure they will look fab. Excited to see the end result