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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Heart Card Tutorial


I realised I needed some Thank You cards as I am leaving my job to move on to a new one.  So I decided to create my own.  I used a 5inch by 5inch black card blank and then found 4 patterned papers of similar colours that I thought would compliment each other on the card.

Then I used a heart shaped punch to cut out 4 hearts from each of the papers.

Next, I carefully placed the hearts on the card so they were equally spaced apart. I began by laying out the top horizontal line and the first column.  Then added the rest, alternating the patterns to complete the rows.

Finally, I used foam sticky pads to attach each heart to the card and give it a three dimensional look.

I was really pleased with the finished card.  Quick and easy but looks really effective.  Have a go!

Bye for now!

Von x


  1. These are great. I have never been able to make nice cards but I think I could do this. I have the heart paper punch already!


  2. Very effective and pretty. I am sure the recipients will appreciate them. Good Luck in your new job.xx