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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fabric Gift Tags

Had lots of fun making some fabric gift tags this week.    Now that I have finally made some (this has been something that I wanted to have a go at for a while)  I feel inspired to make lots more so that all of the Christmas presents and birthday presents that I wrap for the rest of this year can be wonderfully wrapped.   
I always seem to have the best intentions of wrapping presents beautifully but then end up throwing presents into wrapping paper in a last minute rush!!     
Also managed to incorporate a little bit of sewing with paper into this crafting project  so feeling pretty chuffed about that that ... after all it was only March of this year that I said I felt inspired to have a go at sewing with paper and although this is only a little piece of cardboard written on and sewed to the fabric it was still sewn on with my sewing machine so I think it counts!!!!  lol.   


  1. These are lovely. Might have to sulk if I don't get a beautiful tag on my pressie. xx

  2. Wow! I am impressed! These look really fab! Wish I was better with a sewing machine.