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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Want some s'more?

Hi there,

Hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend here in the UK.  We got together for my nephew's birthday yesterday and had a fabulous barbeque at my sister's house.  We even got Mum and Dad playing volleyball with the children!

The highlight of the afternoon was when the marshmallows were brought out!  There we were happily beginning to toast our marshmallow when...
Our brother's girlfriend said you want to make them in to s'mores. She went on to say get some chocolate digestives and sandwich the marshmallow between them.  Well, I have never seen my sister move so fast that she appeared with a packet of chocolate digestives before you could say "barbeque!"  What a perfect end to a barbeque we indulged in the sticky mess and wondered why we had never done this before!
Yum! Definitely will do some "s'more" of this! (see what I did there! Lol!) Hope you have all had a great weekend.
Bye for now
Von x


  1. They were delicious. Bit messy but well worth it. Like Von says we will have s'more at the next family barbecue. xx

  2. Delicious and what a giggle cooking them. We got into such a mess trying to sandwich the sticky marshmallows in between the chocolate digestives. just thinking about them makes me want to have another barbeque!! yum yum.