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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Up-cycled Shirt

I decided to up-cycle one of my old shirts, this was the finished design:

I started by unpicking the pocket on the top of the shirt and ironing out any small holes that were left. 

After doing this, I drew a line using a ruler and tailors chalk to mark where I wanted the bottom of my shirt to be.

Making sure that the line I drew was correctly positioned, I cut the material off, leaving some space for the hem.

This was the new length of my wanted shirt:

Next, I cut mid-way up the side of the shirt so that I could tie a knot there later to achieve a gathered effect.

I then double folded the bottom of the shirt before pinning and tacking. I then slip-stitched across the length of the shirt to achieve a neat hem.

After doing this I moved onto the top part of my shirt. I started by measuring out and drawing the outline of where I wanted my altered neckline to rest.

Next, I drew lines down the stretch of the neckline using tailors chalk, leaving 1cm between each line.

I then cut down the lines with scissors, taking care not to cut the back of the shirt in the process.

Next, I cut alternate lines out of the shirt:

I then twisted the lines of material into the criss-cross design I wanted and pinned them in place.

Using 5mm studs, I secured the criss-cross pattern in place. I also inserted some studs around the neckline for decoration.

This was the finished look of my up-cycled shirt, I chose to place a vest under the shirt, although a contrasting colour would look more appealing.

Bye for now, 
Heather :) 


  1. wow ... I soooo need to do something with some of the clothes that are hanging in my wardrobe and not being worn!!

  2. Clever, perhaps I better see what items of mine could be altered. Have you plans to upcycle any more. xx