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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Loom Bands

The latest craze that is sweeping the schools is loom bands.  For anyone that hasn't heard of these they are basically coloured elastic bands all cleverly manipulated using either a loom (supplied with the kits) or , as most of the children are doing, using their fingers to create beautiful colourful bracelets.       The end result is this....
We initially tried to use the loom supplied with the kit but soon abandoned that in favour of creating them using our fingers.   We struggled to find any tutorials that would explain how to achieve this so we have posted a short tutorial below, hopefully this will help for any of you that do decide to have a go....
1.   Make a figure 8 with one of the elastic bands and place on two of your fingers
2.   Place another elastic band above the first band (no need to twist band two at this point it is just placed on the fingers

3.  Place another elastic band above the second band, as shown above, again no need to twist this band - it is just placed on the fingers like band number two!
4.  Now take one side of band number one (the blue one in the photo above) and pull away from the fingers and then drop inbetween the two fingers that contain the bands this ...
5.  Then do the same with the other side of the blue band so that you end up with bands as shown below ...
That's as complicated as it gets!!     All you then have to do then is add one band as a time to the top of your finger and keep pulling the bottom band up to drop in between the two fingers (on both the right and left hand side),  so on this demo you would then be pulling the bottom pink band on the left and right hand side of your outside fingers and letting them drop in between the two fingers, then the green band etc
When you have finished you will end up with a long bracelet as shown below.   It will probably look more like a train track at this stage than anything else but the trick is to then pull it carefully at each end and you will then see it take shape.
Finish off by securing each end with an "S" clip that is enclosed in the pack of loom bands. 
The loom bands  are available on amazon so if you fancy having a go, click on the link on the left hand side of this page and order some....   guaranteed to keep the children quiet for a few hours!!


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  1. Brilliant clear instructions. These are great for kids to make. xx