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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

An English Tea

What a lovely afternoon I had today!  To celebrate a friend's birthday she took us out for an Afternoon Tea at one of our local restaurants.  The table was all set and we waited in anticipation for the others to arrive.

Once everyone was settled Tea was served....

It was absolutely lovely I must tell you.  Nothing is better than a proper English Tea and a great afternoon spent chatting with friends.  And with this in mind, I must share with you my latest creation....a crocheted tea cosy!

One of my first crochet patterns from scratch!  I must say I am quite proud of it!  My husband thinks its great - well he is a bit biased I suppose.  Let me know what you think.
Bye for now
Von x


  1. Well I love the tea cosy very good. Are you going to start drinking tea now? Your teamaking skills might improve. lol! xx

  2. blimey that tea cosy is fab. very clever. well done von.