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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Phone Cover

The Easter holidays have been and gone far too quickly!  We were also lucky to get away over the holidays with a visit to Centre Parcs in Nottinghamshire.   We had lots of fun rock climbing, abseiling, archery and laser shooting as well as spending lots of time on our bikes and in the swimming pool.  If you like the outdoors and sports activities then I would totally recommend that you visit.        The animals around the forest were very tame.  I guess they are used to people being around but we had to laugh when two ducks came and used their beaks to knock on the window of the accommodation that we were staying in ... here is a picture of the cheeky chaps  on the hunt for food! .... well I guess if you don't ask you don't get!!
Oh well back to the reality of the normal weekly routine this week with the children going back to school (lots of groans and moans on Monday morning but all happy enough this morning)
This week my crafting project was a phone cover in preparation for the summer when in an attempt to tire out two young lively children we will embark on lots more days out and as usual my phone will be buried deep at the bottom of the picnic rugsack so hopefully a well padded phone cover will help to protect it and add a nice touch.........  Pretty pleased with the end result.....



  1. Never been to Centre Parcs. They look good fun though! The one in Nottingham is handy because it would not be too far to travel. Really love your phone cover. I had a try at one but it was a bit of a non starter really! Do you think you could make me one too? X

    1. love making these phone covers .. will gladly make you one. May even make a few more for me too!!

  2. Phone cover looks smart. Probably a good idea if phone is going to get a bit buried. xx