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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Flower hair band - tutorial

This tutorial is a great way to make use of any spare pieces of material that you may have left over from other projects and by changing the size of the petal template and felt circles that you use you can make flowers of different sizes.    By using different patterned materials you can make some beautiful hair accessories, much nicer than you can buy in the shops and much cheaper as well !!     

What you will need:
Patterned fabric – for petal shape
Piece of felt – to cut 2 circles
Glue gun
Hair band
Bead for the middle of the flower – optional

Step 1   Using a petal template cut out 10 petal shapes from your patterned fabric and cut out 2 small circles from your felt (see photo above)

Step 2   As shown  above fold one of your petal shapes in half and half again. Secure with glue at the base of the petal to secure.  Repeat this with the other 9 petals.


Step 3    Place the first 4 folded petals around on the felt circle so that the tip of each petal is in the centre of the circle.  Secure each petal with glue.

Step 4    Next place another 4 of the folded petals on top of the first 4 petals and secure with glue  (I have folded over the template in the photo above as an example (the template shows up much better for the purpose of the photo)

Step 5    Place the last 2 folded petals on top (in the centre) and secure with glue.   Place a bead in the centre of the flower if you wish to use (optional)

Step 6   Finally glue the hair band on to the back of the circle of felt that has the flower petals attached to it and place the other felt circle over the top to finish.



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  1. Yes, a great idea for using up scraps. Just wish I had long enough hair to put in a band, maybe a slide...