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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Caravanning at Chatsworth

I hope you have all had a great Easter break!  We took our caravan and went to stay at Chatsworth in Derbyshire for a few days over the holiday and we had a great time.
The Caravan Club site is tucked away in an old walled garden and you are given a key to enter the park through a gateway in the wall.  This is the view as you walk through the gate...
Then you just stroll along the pathway and gradually Chatsworth House emerges...
The weather was kind to us while we were away and it was magical walking through the park especially in the evening when all the day visitors had left.

We spent an afternoon walking round the gardens of the house.  It was glorious weather and it was really busy.  Everyone was taking advantage of the warm sun especially around "The Cascade" which is the most fantastic waterfall.  Children were enjoying having a paddle in the water.
This caught our attention, hidden away behind The Cascade.  It was a water powered metal structure in the shape of a flower that opened up every few minutes.
There were signs of Spring everywhere throughout the garden and we stumbled across this beautiful display of daffodils.
 We love nothing more than holidaying in our caravan and it's great all the places we get to visit. 
This holiday gave me an idea to keep me busy crafting over the holiday period and I went about making myself a caravan themed doorstop.  I decided to try and incorporate some of the different fabrics I had bought at the NEC in March.  This my finished caravan doorstop.  What do you think?

I would like to have another go at making some doorstops but will definitely make the next one a little smaller than my caravan!  Any ideas for themes?
Bye for now
Von x


  1. Looking good. Have you hand sewn or used machine. You could make a hedgehog or an owl. Would be cute. xx

  2. Funny you should say that I had been toying with a hedgehog idea...maybe...

  3. Aah its fab. Love the curtains they add a really nice touch. Super cute xx