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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sewing with paper!!

Only a few days since we visited the Hobbycraft show at the NEC and already planning the next visit in November!!      Not too long to wait until you can add to your ever growing collection of ribbons eh Von.

After the fun (and laughter) creating the treasure books on the  Madeira workshop stand I feel inspired to have a go at doing some more sewing with paper ... not sure how it will turn out but nothing ventured nothing gained.     I will let you know if it turns out OK (otherwise I shall retain a dignified silence)  hehe ... watch this space!!!...........



  1. You...... a dignified silence that I am not too sure about. Waiting to see what you produce with paper though, I think possibilities are good. I have just had a go at a crochet flower while watching GBSB. Hugs mum xx

  2. Sewing paper could open up a whole new world of crafting .... Cards, bags, combining media, and so on. Definitely one to have a play with. About the ribbon........any ideas are welcome! Just like hoarding it at the moment!
    Von x