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Monday, 24 March 2014

The Hobbycraft and Sewing For Pleasure shows were on at the NEC this weekend, so it was our 'girl's day out' to devote ourselves totally to crafting paradise.  We have so much fun on these days out Mum, my sister Julie, my daughter Heather and myself and we definitely come back much lighter in the purse!

This was just my shopping haul!

Of course, as soon as I got home the bags were emptied for me to fully admire!
I got lots of fabric, ribbon and some thread for crocheting.   I will share my makes as we go.  I have lots of plans whizzing through my little grey cells!  This was my favourite buy....
I must confess, loved the fabric design but no plan as yet for what I will make from it.  Any ideas are welcome! 
I must finish by showing you the little 'treasure books' we made during a workshop on the Madeira stand.
Love a craft shopping binge! 
Bye for now
Von x


  1. Well done Von first post on your blog. Glad you were not showing my bags of shopping, rather a lot. Look forward to seeing what you do with the clock material. Love mum xx