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Monday, 31 March 2014

Dressmaking- Part 2

I have carried on making the dress by putting a small dart into the bodice, below the ribbon design. This made the bodice look neater and more uniform.

I then placed darts in the neckline of the bodice. This was because in the pattern pleats were supposed to be in the neckline, however, I decided I didn't want them in the dress, so I took it in to fit properly. 

I repeated this in the layer of material I will have on the inside of the dress:

I chose to have a cream material as it contrasted against the dark brown cotton. I then cut out two pieces of interfacing to add to the altered neckline, ironing it on to the wrong side of the cream cotton. After doing this I pinned the two bodices together with right sides together. The pins show where I have sewn on the sewing machine:

After doing this I have sewn on the other side of the sleeves, making sure to clip the curves after. This ensures that when I turn the material the right side out that the curves in the bodice will keep their intended shape.  

I then turned the bodice the right side out and pressed it thoroughly with the iron. I cut two small lines into the cream material so that I could turn it over to the inside of the dress, leaving a neat finish on the neckline. I did this by slip stitching the material, I also slip-stitched parts of the brown cotton to the cream material to make it more secure on the ribbon section of the bodice. 

This is the finished effect of the bodice:

I will be back with more instructions when I have added the back panels to the front of the dress. 

Bye for now, 

Heather :) 


  1. Wow I am impressed both by the finished bodice and the way that you have altered it from the original pattern. Looking good reckon finished dress will be lovely. xx

  2. It is looking very good. The bodice has come out well.

  3. Keep going heather. Im sure its going to turn out amazing ;) x